Today is the official launch of homerandruth, my blog about design, décor and all things lifestyle.  Homer and Ruth are among the two most influential people in my life and this blog is dedicated to them.

Homer was my grandfather.  He was a vibrant, successful and handsome man.  He loved his work, and he loved his family, but he never took himself too seriously and had a passion for enjoying life.

homer is all about home design and décor.  Through homer, I’ll share my take on interior design, presenting elegant and beautiful ideas but always with an air of playfulness and fun.

Ruth is my grandmother.  She is the single most beloved woman in my life.  She’s the embodiment of great style, unrelenting kindness, and unwavering courage and strength.

ruth represents all things lifestyle.  She’s multi-dimensional and is anything and everything that inspires me.  ruth has no constraints; she is not limited to one style, one passion, or one genre.  She is delightfully complex, and may surprise you time to time.