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So, clearly I have baby and kiddos on the brain.  And as I continue to await Baby #2’s arrival, I’ve become slightly obsessed with redecorating Keira’s nursery.  Keira & Baby #2 will be sharing a room, so I have the perfect excuse to change things around (even though Baby will be in our bedroom for the first couple of months).

First it was Rag Dolls, and now, I can’t get enough of these whimsical pillows. They’re all over Etsy (and I love supporting all my Etsy peeps), but even some of our bigger box friends have some adorable options.

Here’s a round-up of my top 10 picks…

10 Whimsical Cushions for Kiddos || HOMErandRuth.com
1. Stuffed Cat – Dancing in the Rains (Etsy) | 2. Pink Cat Face – Clairey Lou Creations (Etsy) | 3. Unicorn – The Fox in the Attic (Etsy) | 4. Happy Cloud – The Land of Nod | 5. Pink House – Plumed (Esty) | 6. Lady Lamb – Anthropologie | 7. Yellow Hippo – Levchenko Dolls (Etsy) | 8. Yellow Cat Face – Sleepy King (Etsy) | 9. Whale – Big Stuffed (Etsy) | 10. Apple – Anthropologie

Aren’t these fun!  Which one is your favorite?

Ciao for Now,

♥♥ Vicky