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A letter to Keira on her first birthday.

Dearest Keira –

A year ago today at exactly 4pm, you came into the world a healthy 9lb, 1oz beautiful baby girl. The doctor placed you in my arms and you laid on my chest.  We spent the next hour staring into one another’s eyes.  I remember being exhausted, and yet I couldn’t look away.  I studied every feature of your face, trying to wrap my head around what the future would hold for you, for us, for our family.  I was captivated by your beautiful big blue eyes, and instantly my heart was filled with joy, love and awe.

Today you turn 1, and today I thank you for giving me the most wonderful year of my life.  I’ve enjoyed every moment of watching you grow.  You’re so young yet you’re already becoming a beautiful little lady. I’m so in love with you…it is beyond words.

Happy Birthday with all my ♥♥,




Ciao for Now,

♥♥ Vicky