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I mentioned before that Keira’s nursery came together with a mix of splurges, bargains and DIY projects, and for this last post I’m highlighting 2 of the DIY projects.


This was a super simple DIY! Find a simple white dresser with clean lines, replace the boring knobs with some chic brass hardware and voila!


Custom Artwork

This project takes a little more time, but is still super simple.  Start with craft feathers (I used white and pink), dip the tip of each feather in gold metallic paint paint (we know how I like anything gold dipped), and then sprinkle gold glitter on top.  Once the feathers are dry, frame them and you have your own custom one-of-a-kind artwork!


Well that officially wraps up the mini-series on Keira’s nursery.  Hopefully you enjoyed it and got a little bit of inspiration along the way.

Coming soon are new installments of the Here & Now series, a host of new trend posts and a brand new series I’m starting this year.

Ciao for now…

♥♥ Vicky