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My mother-in-law has asked for my help with a little project: her entryway table; but this project calls for a little bit of background…

A few years ago now, my husband’s parents completed building their dream home.  Although they love their new home, the way it came about was not so pleasant.  They live in San Diego County and, in 2007 their house burned down in the San Diego Wildfires.   While it was a devastating event, they chose to rebuild on their same lot, and now reside in a beautiful modern home with wonderful tile floors, exotic wood finishes, and paint and countertops in warm red tones.

Clearly, building a home from scratch is quite an undertaking, so while most of the house is complete (and beautiful) there are still small projects…

Here is a picture of the current entry way console.

Currently a hand-me-down credenza occupies the space, and while it’s mid-century modern design matches well with the rest of the home, it has seen better days, and is under-sized for the space. In looking for a new console/credenza, we want to keep to a modern feel, but because it’s an entryway, it’s important that we make a good first impression.  Here are the options I’ve picked:

This first option is very similar to the current credenza, but the size and scale is a better fit for the space.  It has a mid-century modern feel which will make it blend in nicely with many of the existing furnishings, and offers great storage! (Grada Server; Steve Silver Company)

The next option continues with the mid-century modern them, but the white lacquer adds some modern pop. While it’s a simple piece, the color and finish make it anything but boring. (Dumont Buffett; West Elm)

This piece is what I would call a “safe bet” (which is not a bad thing).  It has more of a traditional/contemporary feel, but because the house is already modern, it can help to add a bit of warmth.  What I like most about this piece is the open, airy space between the floor and the drawers.  It doesn’t take up a lot of visual space like the prior options, and allows for decorative accessorizing on the bottom shelf. (Cordova Console Table; Cooper Classics)

And this is what I would call the opposite of a safe bet… and I think it’s fabulous! Talk about making a first impression! What I love about this table is that is commands attention and adds a bit of glamour.  Another bonus is that it comes in multiple colors, so you can balance the “loud” design with a more muted color.  The champagne or java color ways are great options. (Malibu Console; Malibu Loft)

Last but not least we have what might be ‘just right’.  The wood tones and clean lines of this piece are very much in keeping with the mid-century modern feel.  While it takes up some visual space; it’s not as “heavy” as some of the earlier options and still provides storage.  It’s a great piece that is both beautiful and functional.  I’d suggest adding some interesting hardware to infuse a bit of glamour. (Calista Sideboard; Crate & Barrel)

Do you have a favorite?  I’ll keep you posted on what we end up choosing.  Even if it’s not one of the exact pieces above, I’m pretty confident we’ll be able to narrow down a style to help us make a great first impression in a beautiful home.