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It’s the last day in our 7-day series covering the Venice Garden & Home Tour. We close out the series exploring what makes Venice, Venice… its culture.

Despite the $1M+ entry price-point for a home, Venice Beach remains a hub of counter-culture in the middle of Los Angeles.  Art and sculpture are a key way its residents express their individuality and share their beliefs.  One of the most fun and interesting parts of the tour, here’s the highlight gallery:

  • Statement Art

  • Functional Art (it’s a chair made of driftwood)

  • His & Her Art

  • Political Art

  • Repurposed Art

  • Tranquil Art

  • Antler Art

  • Creepy-Crawly Art

This brings our series on the Venice Garden & Home Tour to a close.  Hope you’ve enjoyed the highlights.

Tomorrow, it’s back to great decor to help you add personality to your home.