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A must-have design element in any home is a ‘picture wall’, and that’s what we explore in part 6 of our 7-day series for the Venice Garden & Home Tour. Whether it’s family photos, abstract art, or even a skate board…, picture walls add interest to a room and create a focal point.  Here are 5 examples that each tell their own story.

  • By painting the wall a flat charcoal color, the artwork on this picture wall really pops.  The addition of a skateboard takes this picture wall to the next level turning it into a true art installation… how fabulous!

  • This picture wall has a casual feel.  The homeowner installed 3 narrow shelves allowing her to display a ton of photos overlapping on one another

  • A mid-century modern vignette, this picture wall is simple and succinct.  It has a clear point of view transporting the viewer back to the 1960’s.

  • This picture wall is both organic and eclectic.  By concentrating the photos in the center of the wall and expanding horizontally, it creates a timeline feel with no one picture dominating the space.

  • To really make an impact in a room and add interest to a blank white wall, this homeowner installed 3 large-scale vibrant prints.  In contrast to the more organic example above, this installation is structured but still has a ton of personality.

What’s Next: Tomorrow we wrap up our 7-day series and I’ve decided to save the best example’s of Venice’s eclectic style for last.  Stay Tuned!