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In part 2 of the Venice Garden & Home Tour series, we find ourselves in the garden. If there is one staple that any Venice “flower” garden must have, it’s the quirky and intriguing succulent. Succulents require much less watering than more traditional flowers, thus suiting themselves well to the dry SoCal climate.

As a design element, succulents add both beauty and edge to a space. Think of them as the delicate flower’s bad-ass cousin. The ombre nature of their coloring effortlessly fades from green to purple to red; and while this coloring is stunningly beautiful, the succulent’s sturdy composition and texture is nothing short of tough.

There was no shortage of succulent sightings on the tour. Here are my top 5.

Whats Next? In Part 3 of the series we head inside and take a look at some fabulous interiors. You won’t want to miss it!