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I had the pleasure of attending the Venice Garden & Home Tour this past Saturday.  It was a gorgeous day to walk around the neighborhood and be inspired.  The homes and gardens were absolutely wonderful.  My favorite quote of the day from a fellow tour-goer: “I just went from admiration to envy”.

Envy aside, I had a great time and can’t wait to share. I’ve decided to break up the highlights into a 7-day series.  I’ll start from the outside and work my way in.  Today’s post covers exteriors.

While many of the homes we toured displayed the best of modern architecture and design, there were also those who chose to restore and embrace the home’s original aesthetic.  Other homes focused on creating the most inviting outdoor space anyone could ask for.  Here are the exterior highlights.  Click any image to begin the slideshow.


What’s next? Part 2 of the series will highlight the quintessential Venice garden staple… Do you think you know what it is?  You’ll find out tomorrow… stay tuned! 🙂