Here & Now // 10


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Currently occupying my mind and my time…

Pump Up Your Style

I’m loving the simplicity and elegance of this soap dispenser.  A classic way to add style to any bathroom.

My Sunshine

If there’s one thing that can brighten my day, it’s a pair of new shoes.  These yellow beauties pack an extra punch of color.

Dubious DIY

I’m obsessed with the oversized balloon-tassel trend, but they can be pretty pricey.  I’m going to try my hand at DIY’ing these for Keira’s party this weekend.  Wish me luck.

Purr-fect Storage

It doesn’t get more adorable than this.  I’m sure if Keira could talk, she would be begging me for this. Wish granted!
Ciao for Now,
♥♥ Vicky

♥ Happy Birthday Keira ♥


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A letter to Keira on her first birthday.

Dearest Keira -

A year ago today at exactly 4pm, you came into the world a healthy 9lb, 1oz beautiful baby girl. The doctor placed you in my arms and you laid on my chest.  We spent the next hour staring into one another’s eyes.  I remember being exhausted, and yet I couldn’t look away.  I studied every feature of your face, trying to wrap my head around what the future would hold for you, for us, for our family.  I was captivated by your beautiful big blue eyes, and instantly my heart was filled with joy, love and awe.

Today you turn 1, and today I thank you for giving me the most wonderful year of my life.  I’ve enjoyed every moment of watching you grow.  You’re so young yet you’re already becoming a beautiful little lady. I’m so in love with you…it is beyond words.

Happy Birthday with all my ♥♥,




Ciao for Now,

♥♥ Vicky

Bunny Love


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I’m a sucker for holidays and Easter is no exception. I mean what’s better than easter egg hunts, chocolate, and cute little bunnies? Plus it’s another reason to decorate.

On that note, I’m sharing some fun bunny decor to help you get in the Easter Spirit.

1. Pedestal Dishes – Tina Frey Designs; Unica Home | 2. Downloadable Wallpaper – Geschenkpapier hello bunny | 3. Fabric Pillow – Peony and Sage | 4. Artwork – Land of Nod | 5. Welcome Mat – Wisteria | 6. Rattle – rosieok; Etsy

Happy early Easter everyone!

Ciao for Now,

♥♥ Vicky

Inspiration Board: Keira’s 1st Birthday


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It’s amazing how time flies, I mean it’s Monday again already… where did the weekend go?  What’s even crazier?  My baby is turning 1 this week!!  I can’t believe it!

This weekend we’re throwing a little shindig to celebrate.  Nothing major, just family and close friends.  Of course that didn’t prevent me from dedicating an entire Pinterest board to the event and buying decorations…

Just thought I’d share some of the images that have inspired me in my party planning.  Feel free to check out my ‘Keira’s 1st Birthday’ Pinterest board for more.

Super fun right?!?

Ciao for Now,

♥♥ Vicky

Ask H&R: Double Duty Office Chair


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TGIF, right?!? Today’s post is once again in response to a question from one of my readers (who also happens to be a great friend ♥).  She just moved into a new place and is looking for a chair for her home office.  She’s ready for something fun with a pop of color or a pattern (or both), and something that can be moved into the living home for extra seating for guests.  Both her office and living room have patterned rugs (one has an ikat pattern and the other is geometric), so I wanted to be sure not to pick anything that would compete too much with those patterns… oh, and the rooms have lots of grey in them.

With all that in mind, I started the search. I was definitely steering clear of the traditional, boring office chair with wheels, but I was still able to find lots of options. Here are some that are particularly fun and fabulous.



Shop: Ikat | Yellow


Shop: All fabrications – Ballard Designs


Shop: Blue – Gilt Group | Grey – West Elm | Red – Overstock | Purple – Safavieh/Overstock


Do you have a favorite?  Fingers crossed that she’ll like one of them.

Ciao for Now,

♥♥ Vicky

Color Story: Neon & Neutral


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Some color combos are classics… black & white, white & gold and the holiday favorite red and green.  Other color combos may have only a moment in time, but for that moment, THEY ARE EVERYTHING!

That’s what comes to mind when I think of the neon & neutral color trend. From decor to fashion, neon and neutral are having a major moment.

Pillow – Appetite Home; Etsy | Baby Hair Bow – Georgia and Jane; Etsy | Wooden Bowls – Wind and Willow; Brika | Necklace – Tamara Medina; Etsy | Envelope Clutch - Clare Vivier; Les Nouvelles | Art Print – Leigh Viner; Etsy


Are you bold enough to rock the neon & neutral color trend?

Ciao for Now,

♥♥ Vicky

Here & Now // 9


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Pretty Pillow

In addition to being adorable, this pillow makes me miss New York…


Mini Moccasins

I mean… obviously Keira needs these


Fab Fire Starters

Too stinkin’ cute… these matches light my fire


Natural Beauty

The perfect mix of fun and functional



Ciao for Now,

♥♥ Vicky

Interior Style Passport: Andaz Maui


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In addition to my love of shopping, decorating, fashion, crafting (which I’m not very good at), DIY projects, eating, and spending as many moments as possible with my family, I also L O V E to travel.  It all started when I was 17 and my grandparents (Homer & Ruth♥) sent me and my cousin to Europe for 2 weeks as a high school graduation present (lucky us!).  I’ve been smitten with traveling ever since and continue to travel as often as I can.

Every once in a while I get to stay at a pretty nice hotel, so I thought… why not share some of the beautiful spaces with you.  So, as promised here, I’m starting a new series called Interior Style Passport.

To kick things off, I’m taking you back to Maui.

Andaz Maui

Grand Entrance


Common Areas


The Details

ust for keira ♥

The View


Oh… and one happy baby



Ciao for Now,

♥♥ Vicky

5 Finds: West Elm


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Hope everyone had a great weekend. Ours was pretty low-key which means I had a bit of time to catch up on some reading… and by reading I mean perusing catalogs and magazines. Of course that can be a dangerous activity because it just makes me want to buy stuff… and on that note I just couldn’t resist sharing 5 great finds that I’m dying to have from West Elm.



Just gorgeous, right!

Notice how everything has a hint (or more) of gold.  I just can’t get enough. Any color that you can’t get enough of right now?  Leave a comment and let me know.  Perhaps it will inspire a new color board.

Ciao for Now,

♥♥ Vicky


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